Thursday, June 15, 2006

Making the internet a more logical place to be

Once again, I shirk my blogging duties, choosing instead to recognize the achievements of someone else. What can I say, there's just too much sublime logic on the internets for you to spend all your time listening to me. Or even Laura.

Today's Logic Award honoree comes via Coturnix. I hadn't read Pandagon before, but it's going in the blogroll forthwith. Check out "Pandagon Goes Undercover the Lazy Way on a Catholic Anti-Contraception Seminar," Part One and Part 2, and don't forget to read the comments for additional decimation of flawed statistics, semantic imprecision, and straight-up lies. Fun to read and downright cheer-inducing. If I had some friends over and some clothes on, I would do the Wave.


Blogger Laura said...

Pandagon is a great read--there's some excellent writing there, always on a relevant topic. I was thinking of posting a link to these very entries, but you beat me to it!

Word on reading the comments, too--very effective dismantling of the poor logic of some of the commenters.

I love the logic award!

June 16, 2006 6:15 PM  

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