Saturday, June 03, 2006

Logic Award! (No money attached)

I figured we needed the ability to reward people who are increasing the net logical worth of the web. Man cannot live by identifying fallacies alone. On that note, meet the first recipient of the Truth Tables Logic Award: Ed at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, for Answering an Anti-Gay Marriage Argument. Ed had pointed out in a previous post that "no one has ever made a coherent, much less compelling, argument for why allowing gays to get married will do anything whatsoever to damage heterosexual marriages," and someone saw this as a call to outline an incoherent, non-compelling argument, and then to point at it proudly like a kid who's just gone in the potty for the first time. Ed's refutation is can't-miss reading, and a beautiful illustration of how informal argumentation should go -- he thoroughly demolishes the other argument without being snarky or rude. If I were still teaching rhetoric and composition, I'd make it required reading for our refutation unit.


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