Wednesday, June 07, 2006

That's enough, San Diego

I spent most of yesterday rocking a practice LSAT (I'm hoping to teach test prep as a stopgap job -- it's just about the only way you can teach logic without a philosophy degree, so that's pretty appealing). It's not too surprising, then, that I spent most of last night having an irritating perseverative dream wherein I was trying to solve a logic puzzle about Jeeves and Wooster -- something about which days of the week Jeeves could rescue Bertie from various situations.

Imagine my delight, then, at waking up to the following bit of crystalline thinking on NPR. With their usual polite incomprehension of right-wingers, NPR was asking a San Diego resident why he voted to instate another Republican in the wake of the Cunningham fiasco:
Guy: Whull...I just... believe in the Republicans. I don't think the Democrats have... what I want in a party.
I know this sounds like an exaggeration, and I'm having trouble finding the audio (the report I found is a different Bilbray report), but I assure you that this is an accurate a quote as I can manage. The mushmouthed voice of the Right, offering you a super-pithy example of begging the question. Unless the NPR correspondant's prompt was actually "please show us how to beg the question in as few words as possible," instead of something more like "sir, did you not notice that the last Republican you guys elected was ludicrously corrupt or what," then I think I was justified in yelling a lot and putting my pillow over my head.


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