Friday, February 09, 2007

Logic marches on

even when life prevents us from posting, and the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance is doing us proud. This certainly isn't the first instance of activism via reductio ad absurdum (see, for instance, God Hates Shrimp and of course the Flying Spaghetti Monster), but it may be the most subtle. I actually had to read through their mission statement a couple of times before I understood its brilliance:
If passed by Washington voters, the Defense of Marriage Initiative would:
  • add the phrase, “who are capable of having children with one another” to the legal definition of marriage;
  • require that couples married in Washington file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage automatically annulled;
  • require that couples married out of state file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage classed as “unrecognized;”
  • establish a process for filing proof of procreation; and
  • make it a criminal act for people in an unrecognized marriage to receive marriage benefits.
Well played, Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance. In logic is strength.


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